Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Flowers Make Good Dreams

Flowers and herbs have strong effects on dreaming. You can use either dried or fresh flowers for dream blends. (To learn which ones work best, check my list in my book, Making Herbal Dream Pillows, Storey Publishing).

Hyacinths, in particular, add color and creativity to a dream.

An easy way to enhance your dreams is to use a bouquet of spring flowers on your bedside table. Jonquils, hyacinths, plum blossoms and tulips all make for pleasant dreaming.
Lilac blossoms are especially good for enhancing and encouraging dreaming.
Lilac blossoms, like jasmine flowers, add depth and dimension to dreams. Just a couple in a vase next to the bed are enough to perk up your dreams.
Our ready-made Dream Pillow.
And if you don't have access to fresh flowers from your garden, visit my website. I offer ready-made Dream Pillows, like the one above, as well as Kits and Bulk Dream blends, everything you need to make your own Dream Pillows.

Pleasant Dreams!