Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Story of Herb Tea Healing Pillows

I wanted to share this letter from one of our customers with you because it includes a surprising formula. I asked permission of Sarah before posting this and she said, "I am honored that you enjoyed my story about the Healing Tea Pillows! You may publish or use my story...I want to share it in any way possible." Here's Sarah's story.

The Story of Herb Tea Healing Pillows

To all those at Long Creek Herbs, I would like to pass along my true story.

I got the news one grave night at a book store. As I rounded the corner I came face to face with my best friend. We had worked together at the sheltered workshop before my frequent panic attacks had made me unable to work.

"My mom died, " she said plainly.

My heart sank; we had been through so much together, including suffering through verbal name calling and abuse from workers at the workshop. I recalled one girl who tried to work there who was in tears her first day.

Later that evening I my mind kept racing back to the many unpleasant incidences at work including one that involved my friend in which she was verbally attacked by a worker. I felt a panic attack beginning.

My heart raced - what could I do? I didn't want to sink into the depths of panic. I immediately thought of making myself an herb pillow. I looked in my herb cabinet and found that all my herbs had been used up in other pillows I'd given away to friends.

I didn't have time to get more, I needed to do something right away. I knew from past experience that once my mind starts racing into panic, I would be lucky if I had five minutes before a full panic attack set in. I focused on what I know about culinary herbs, wondering what could I use for an emergency dream pillow for myself?

I thought maybe something for memory would help and immediately thought of green tea which is supposed to have a reputation for helping with that. And I needed something for calming, too. I saw spice tea on the shelf and took out some of that. Maybe something to remind myself o happy times from childhood would be good, and I spotted some cinnamon sticks on the shelf.

Rapidly I stitched a little pillow together, focusing my mind on the task. When I'd sewn up 3 sides of a little pillow (about five inches by five inches), I filled it with my new-found herb blend, and to help calm myself, breathed in the aroma as I worked. After a few minutes I began to yawn, crawled into bed and drifted off to a soothing, deep sleep. When I awoke I felt refreshed and all the bad memories were gone!

I had no one to pass on what I had discovered, so I decided to give this story and my blend recipe to Long Creek Herbs in hopes it would help someone else. I hope it does not offend anyone, I just know what it did for me.

Soothing Blend recipe:
1 package green tea (I'm guessing this is loose tea)
1 package Sleepy Time Blend Tea (loose tea here, also)
1 tablespoon cinnamon (I'd use a cinnamon stick, broken)

Thank you for your support,

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